The National Rover Club (Formally North West Rover Club) was formed in June 2017 with the aim to organise regular meets for MG Rover owners in the North West of England and North Wales, due to the lack of organised meets in this area. The website was then created to act as a hub for information on meets, technical advice, a resource for members to post their project blogs and show off their cars, and also to incorporate a real membership system to provide benefits to our subscribed members.

The club has since changed it’s main focus, and it’s name as of 27 March 2018, focusing more on providing information and media to MG Rover fans.

The club was founded by Steve Jones, who immediately fell in love with Rovers after buying a couple of 420’s as daily drivers. After owning a couple of Subaru’s, BMW’s, a Mercedes and several other cars, it was the Rover that really captured his heart, particularly the L Series Diesel models. Steve’s dream Rover is a 220 Turbo.